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[I am using this webpage as a base for fairly permanent resources for Phy210, in addition to any "Interact Site" supplied material. Some are historical, but may still prove useful to some students.  ALL students -both internals AND external, please consult the below contents carefully and use common sense to discern what applies to yourself specifically-internals do tests only and externals do assignments only...but eventually all students do a final exam !!. Otherwise everyone studying uses similar learning resources-it is the SAME subject]


General Notices
Remember to check also the INTERACT SITE for phy210 as that is the first port of call you should make for important notices to you. You may also be emailed notices automatically using the Interact system. The below are more general notices.

[ See also my front page for some general info]

1. For your general information whilst I remember: click here for a copy of the 'information' section given in a typical PHY210 exam . Remember, in addition, anything can be put down on the SINGLE A4 sheet (both sides) you can take into the exam with you.

2.  The "Past (EXTERNAL Assignment) Solutions & Problems" below are generally useful for all students (including internal) to study from. 

3.Click here for 'problems in printing ' page that may be of some use to folk attempting print out of stuff I produce.

4. For those who have unsure background in Elementary Radiation Physics (phy111, 100, or 209 are generally regarded as prerequisites and all deal with basic radiation physics). Consider linking here to download some 1st year notes which deal with elementary radiation physics. These are much more extensive than Module 1A - which are essentially only meant as revision (apart from the treatment given to the 'combined law - of exponential attenuation and divergency' and also the Kerma and absorbed dose relationship, which are introduced here as 2nd year material for the first time). Since all students internally enrolled should have passed PHY114 or PHY111 and all  external students passed phy209 -or have equivalent knowledge, this should not really be  an 'issue' as some people say these days.

5 . Excerpts of my book 'Models of Radiation Action' are used for the readings in the current external 'study guide' notes that external students should have been sent. There is no prescribed paper based textbook, but if you want the full text  is available (see below) for FREE electronic download in pdf format. Accordingly like all the other files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or use the Foxit pdf Reader) to view this and/or print out the contents. This material is only used for the Module 2 work. Only Chapters I and II are relevant for this subjects use. [*The current printed external study guide already has readings from this - so it is not necessary to download this full book at all if you don't want to. All necessary  material is in the printed readings. I left it here available because some internal students do download it.]

6. Looking for the current  internal or external subject outline? Go to the phy210 Interact site  through your 'my csu'  link.

7. I have left an internal  test -and the solutions  for it-for use by students purely as extra 'practice' material if desired. See below download area.

8.  For those with access to Excel (can be done via web -use 'thin client' CSU- if not on your computer) There is an Excel mini application tutorial dealing with the simple Target theory models studied in module 2. You can play around with and this helps to understand the behaviour of the models, and also you can check calculations you make based using these models. It contains macro's so you should click 'accept' to enable the macro VBA code contained in the file (that makes it work!) - when prompted on opening the file in Excel.

Notices of Errata.

Errata in Study Material (Internal & External Students):

1. Please find below the solutions for 'old' external Assignment 1R and 1NM. They are pdf files. Unfortunately, as is the case with fairly large sized chunks of material, there is an error included, so I'll notify this here rather than go through 2 more file conversions to pdf !!: It is for part (iv) of question 3. The solution should read (you will see at the correct bit): " Need dy/dh keeping x constant" ( - and NOT "keeping h constant" as in the first part of Q3 part (iv) where dy/dx was found keeping h constant)., as is obvious since h must vary anyway if the quantity dy/dh is to not be always zero... So please amend any print outs of the solution file accordingly with a pen. 

2. The solution within the study guide for practice problem 2 for the Module 1A material, is wrong. I have included the correct version below for download in the Problems & Solutions section. 

Download Area

Lecture Notes/Study Material Downloads:

Full set of study notes for Radiation Dosimetry Biology & Protection. Includes Modules 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3, 4A,4B. Module 1 is dosimetry with 1A a common module for MI and NM streams. 1B is diagnostic radiographic dosimetry, 1C is internal dosimetry, module 2 is radiobiology concepts and theory, module 3 is physical basis of radiation protection, 4A is Applied physics of Radiation Protection in diagnostic radiography, and 4B is Applied physics of Radiation Protection in nuclear medicine. [There are 4 pdf files- corresponding to 4 modules- within one self extracting zip (.exe) file..just follow instructions once the exe file is downloaded after double clicking it.]

Click to download the alternative treatment to printed notes for development of full MIRD method introducing S quantities These notes should be a bit more helpful than the originals and use somewhat clearer and less tedious notation. Contains some info also on looking up S values. (pdf file)

Here are some supplementary notes on the Model of LET dependency (Simple Target Theory based), the way I covered it in internal classes in the past. There's one error in these notes though involving calculation of P(0) for the infinite LET..I pointed this out in class. So when you find the expression it should read P(hit) = 1- (exp(-c.L.infinity).cLx^infinity)/0!. I wrongly divided by infinity factorial instead. When I get time I'll put out a rectified complete version. Until then you can download this one if you want.

Click here for 'Models of Radiation Action' made freely available to you for download (pdf format) Only for Module 2 work. [*The current external study guide should already have readings from this included in it - so it is not necessary to download this full book at all if you don't want to. All necessary  material is in the printed readings. I left it here available because the internals do download it. If you do download the whole book, then realise that most of Chapter 3 is not intended for this subject]

PDF Slide Show Lectures:       

Please note...these are intended for viewing upon computer screen only. Do NOT attempt to print out as you will have numerous similar looking pages.  When you view, resize the pdf file to 'fit' your pdf viewer viewing pane (eg Adobe Reader window), then each left mouse click on the scroll bar will introduce the 'next step' of the slideshow lecture. This 'next step' may be just another step in obtaining an equation, or the introduction of an image, or sentence, for example. These slideshow lectures are occasionally used in internal lectures but should prove helpful to all students. NOTE: Not all aspects of all study modules are covered in these selected pdf slideshows, just some material is in this form.

Dosimetry (Basic)        Kerma & Absorbed Dose relationship (Module 1A material)  

Radiation Biology: Explanatory Models Of Radiation Action    1)  Start with this lecture dealing with Target theory models   2) Then this for more models (Both are module 2 work)

Principles Of Radiation Protection (Module 3 material)   Radiation Risk & Hazard 

Excel/VBA Spreadsheet Models.

Click here for the Kerma and Dose Model studied in module 1A. (.xls file) Needs XL 97 or above.

Click here for the Simple Target Models Excel  file studied in Module 2 (.xls file) Needs XL 97 or above

Click here for the Bethe-Bloch spreadsheet (Excel) file BetheBloch_2.xls (xls file) Works on XL 5 or 97 or after

Problems & Solutions Downloads:

Practice (Short Problem) Tests & TakeHome Tests - Solutions Guide/Hints


Worked Solutions to the Exercises in the Study Guide Notes (click below on relevant module):

(Note: not ALL are necessarily available, but most are), just don't be daft and make sure a decent attempt is made at all/most prior to viewing the solutions here if you are going to get any benefit from these):

Also note: different formats and some are zipped images (of jpg and gif files)

Module1A Module1B Module1C
Module2 Module3
Module4A Module4B(Ist set) Module 4B (2nd set)

Click here for correct solution to practice problem#2 in Module1A (pdf file ~ 80kB)

Past (EXTERNAL Assignment) Solutions & Problems

(Though these are quite old now, they deal with the same physical aspects as presently considered, so can prove useful if you wish to study them, so I have left them available)

Year 2000

Year 2001

Year 2002

Assignment 1R problems(pdf file) Assignment 1R Solutions (pdf file)
Assignment 1NM problems (pdf file) Assignment 1NM Solutions (pdf file)
Assignment 2 problems (pdf file) Assignment 2 Solutions (pdf file)
Assignment 3 problems (pdf file) Assignment 3 solutions (pdf file)


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